Community Action

Community Action Volunteering Opportunity | Steel City Squash - Website Developer

Project aim 

Help us make a difference to disadvantaged children and young people across Sheffield with our new initiative, Steel City Squash. We are a voluntary organisation striving to empower young people to 'Dream Big'.  The aim of the project is to improve the lives and boost the hopes of disadvantaged young people in and around Sheffield by delivering squash, educational support and inspiring activities. We aim to empower participants to raise their attainment, boost their wellbeing and motivate them to achieve their potential.

We are in our first year of operation and your contribution will make a real difference to us being able to spread the word about what we do with a vibrant and inspiring website.

Whats involved

Developing a website for Steel City Squash to support our communication plan and provide a web presence for the organisation. Our committee will work with you to provide content and a brief for the functionality and look of the website. We’d also like you to train the Steel City Squash team to be able to update the website on an ongoing basis.

Skills and experience required

Competence in website development, excellent written communication skills.

Benefits to self 

Evidence of working with an external organisation to create a bespoke website, reference or advocacy statement from the Founder of Steel City Squash, evidence of your standard of work by being able to showcase the website created. Experience of working with a voluntary organisation supporting disadvantaged children and young people.

Benefits to others 

Provide Steel City Squash with a web presence to help us inspire others about the work we will be doing.

Time commitment

5 hours per week until website completed

DBS required 




If you are interested in the opportunity please email the Volunteering team at volunteering@shu.ac.uk who will be able to get you started!

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