This information below outlines how transport can be arranged by Sheffield Hallam Students' Union for students involved in Sports. Wherever Students' Union funds are used to pay for transport, we will search for the most cost effective way to get you to and from your destination.


Club members are expected to make their own way to regular club training and fixtures within the boundaries of Sheffield.  Any costs associated with this travel are the responsibility of the individual student.  For trips and fixtures away from Sheffield, various methods of transport can be arranged by the Students' Union.


Coach travel

Only coach travel companies approved by Sheffield Hallam Students' Union can be used to transport club members to fixtures, events and trips. Bookings must only be made by the BUCS Administrator or another member of Sheffield Hallam Students' Union staff in their absence. With the exception of the shuttle bus service to SHU Sports Park via EISS, payments should not be made directly to a coach driver. To request a coach booking please contact the BUCS Administrator with your requirements.


Self-drive hire vehicles

If driving a hire vehicle, the driver must satisfy the hire company's requirements on age and licencing. The supplier may also have an upper limit on the number of penalty points a driver is allowed. It is recommended that drivers review the Highway Code, so they are reminded of the principles of driving safely.


To book a hire car or van please contact the BUCS Administrator.


Private Vehicles

Private vehicles may only be used for transporting club members after being registered with Sheffield Hallam Students' Union. To register your vehicle you will be required to provide copies of your driving licence, MOT certificate (if your vehicle is over 36 months old), and proof of insurance for the vehicle. It is the driver's responsibility to ensure that their car is roadworthy and safe to drive. Vehicles must be re-registered each academic year. Please email documentation to the Student Activities Administrator to register you vehicle.


Motor insurance companies may charge an additional fee for any use of your vehicle other than 'personal, domestic and leisure'. Drivers should contact their insurance provider for clarity before using their own vehicle for transporting club members. Be especially careful if you receive any reimbursement for fuel or payment of any kind for the service provided. If you choose not to notify your insurer, be aware that use in this capacity could invalidate your insurance policy in the event that you need to submit a claim.


Private Vehicle mileage rates

Only drivers of registered vehicles are eligible to claim fuel expenses claims. Drivers who wish to claim fuel expenses for travelling to and from BUCS fixtures must first seek approval from the BUCS Administrator. Drivers wanting to claim fuel expenses for any other trips or events must seek prior approval from the Sports Club Programme Leader.

The standard mileage rate payable to registered drivers is £0.45 per mile.


Train Travel

If you wish to book train travel on behalf of your club please contact the BUCS Administrator for further details.

Air Travel

It may be possible to travel to away fixtures or events using air travel if this is the most cost effective option. Similarly to coach travel, air travel bookings should be made via the BUCS Administrator.


Passenger behaviour

When traveling by public transport students are expected to abide by the conditions of carriage. These include wearing seatbelts, refraining from drinking alcohol; and being considerate of other passengers. Please note; it is illegal to have open containers of alcohol in a vehicle where the driver is in the same compartment as passengers.


Fines and penalty fares

The Students' Union will not be responsible for paying any fines or penalty fares, such as speeding or parking fines, incurred by club members under any circumstances.


Trials/Welcome Session Transport

Sheffield Hallam Students' Union are committed to reducing barriers to sports participation. To allow as many students as possible to try out for sports clubs, the Students' Union will ensure there is adequate transport provision for anticipated numbers at each club's first trial or welcome session. Subsidised transport for additional trials is at the discretion of the Sports Manager. Clubs should contact the BUCS Administrator to request trials transport.


Any fees charged to trialists should directly cover the cost of delivering the trial/welcome session only and should not be used as means to generate additional income for the club.