Sheffield Hallam Students' Union Sponsorship Policies and Guidelines


Sheffield Hallam Students' Union supports all our clubs, societies and student groups to actively seek sponsorship. Sponsorship is an opportunity for student groups to gain an extra stream of income which can be used to develop and support the student group. Sponsorship income should not be relied upon but used effectively towards improving the student groups, opportunities, equipment and experiences, while making sure the needs of the sponsor is met.


Sponsorship is the act of supporting a person, organisation, or activity by giving money, encouragement, or other help in return for some form of recognition.

> Sponsorship Policies

  1. All Students' Union affiliated Sport Clubs, Societies and Student Groups must follow Sheffield Hallam Students' Union regulations and guidelines; and as such any sponsorship agreements must not breach these.
  2. A member of the Students' Union Senior Leadership Team must authorise agreements before the student group and the sponsor sign them. The Students' Union commits to authorising agreements within 5 working days from when the agreement is received.
  3. Support for students
    The Students' Union will run workshops for student groups' leaders about this policy and how to obtain a good deal.  Appropriate staff will also be available to offer advice and guidance to groups in the process of negotiating a sponsorship deal.
  4. Sponsorship invoicing
    The Students' Union Finance Department will manage the invoicing process of all sponsorship agreements that have a monetary value and have been signed off by a member of the Students' Union Senior Leadership Team.
  5. All sponsorship agreements will be valid in one academic calendar year, which is from the 1st of August to the 31st of July. Sponsorship agreements which overlap academic calendar years are not permitted e.g. January to December. These terms can be altered unless authorised by the Students' Union.
  6. Sports Clubs will need to adhere to the Team Hallam branding guidelines, which state that no sponsor logos are permitted to be placed on any BUCS playing kit. However, leisure wear is permitted plus any other non-playing kit.

> Sponsoship Restrictions

All Students' Union affiliated Sport Clubs, Societies and Student Groups must specifically check with the Students' Union regarding the types of potential sponsors listed below:

Guidence on restricted companies Reason

Nightclubs and Bars must be approved by the Students’ Union Commercial Department.

Student welfare
Conflict with Bar Phoenix and the Official SHSU club nights - Hallamnation and 196
Any alcohol based companies need to be checked by the Students’ Union Commercial Department before an agreement is made. Responsible drinking
Student welfare
Student groups will not be able to promote any club nights run by a nightclub on a Wednesday night.  Due to the Students' Union having an exclusive deal with Crystal Night Club to deliver Hallamnation.
Any landlord / renting agency company needs to be approved by the Students’ Union Advice Service and can only be promoted in the 2nd Semester. There is a welfare issue that these companies need to be reputable and accredited through the 'SNUG' scheme
No pub crawl (e.g. Carnage) or mass drinking event can be associated with student groups. Student welfare 

Sheffield Hallam Student's Union is committed to representing all students and has active policies on equal opportunities. Therefore, any advertising that could offend any section of the membership on the grounds of race, religion, gender or sexual orientation is not permitted.

Sponsorship Process

Seeking sponsorship requires you to go through a few stages before you can approach potential sponsors as well as after you have secured sponsorship. Your main contact to support you throughout this time will be:

Sports Manager
Contact details: 

Once you have got a sponsorship agreement arranged it must come through the Sports Manager

> Stage One: Initial Meeting
Before arranging a meeting with the Sports Manager you need to consider the following questions. Come prepared with the answers to these questions to your first initial meeting.

  1. What do I want sponsorship for?
  2. How much money do we need?
  3. How will the money be spent?
  4. Do you have a specific sponsor already in mind?
  5. Do you have any other sponsors already?

** Please note that this initial meeting is not compulsory. It is just advised if you feel you require some guidance and advice before you start seeking sponsorship.

> Stage Two: Sponsorship proposal

After you have met with the Sports Manager you are now ready to put your sponsorship proposal together.

To help you put your sponsorship proposal together the Students' Union has some proposal guidance. This provides guidance for the following:

  • Introduction - information about your club/society/project/event
  • What you can offer in return to the sponsors
  • Calculating how much you need to ask for from sponsors
  • How you can monitor your sponsorship agreement

Download sponsorship proposal guidance notes
Download Sponsorship Proposal Template Letter

> Stage Three: Contacting sponsors

Now that you have put your sponsorship proposal together and tailored it to the different businesses you want to approach, you are ready to go out and meet as many potential sponsors as possible.
How you approach potential sponsors is entirely up to you, but here are some ideas below:

  • Contact them over the phone 
  • Meet them face-to-face 
  • Contact them an email
  • Contact them by post 

Do's of contacting sponsors

  • Follow up your visits/phone calls! - Too many times, students contact companies, then don't follow up the call. If they don’t get back to you, it may be they're too busy… doesn’t mean they don’t want to take part. Make a second call to remind them and get the ball rolling.

Dont's of contacting sponsors

  • Do not just send your sponsorship proposal to generic addresses as this makes it hard for you to follow up. It is fine to post them or email them but try to get a named contact by telephone or email first so you can ensure you are not wasting your time. 

> Stage Four: Sponsorship Agreement/Contract

Once a sponsor has accepted your sponsorship proposal the next step is to make it all official (legally) through a sponsorship agreement/contract. 

Download the SHSU Sponsorship Agreement Form


Some companies will provide you with their own contract detailing the agreement and their terms, as long as it contains all the rquired infomation this is permissable but make sure of the following: 

  • Does the person you are dealing have the authority to sign off sponsorship agreements?
  • Do the terms of the contract with the sponsor match that of the proposal?
  • Does the contract require exclusivity? This will be an issue if you’re potentially looking for multiple sponsors and are not advised. 
  • Will they provide promotional materials? Check whether or not the company will provide you with banners/flyers/posters for you to display or distribute, or whether you will have to produce them at your own expense.
  • Is there a specific payment date? If not, it may make it harder to chase up payment. It is better to get specific dates in the contract.
  • If they don’t provide a contract, you should fill out the sponsorship form from the Students' Union and get the company to read and sign it. It is always important to have your agreement down on paper to ensure fewer disagreements and follow up from the deal at each end.
  • Make sure that you get the sponsors invoicing details. These will be very useful when it comes to them giving you your money.

Remember to keep to your agreement. The aim is to secure a sponsor and make them want to renew their sponsorship year on year. This means it is important to stick to your terms of agreement not just for your club/society/project, but because you represent the Students' Union, and students as a whole.

Sponsorship funds shouuld be paid into your club account.
> Stage Five: Getting and spending the mone

Spending the money

Once you have received the money please do not feel that your job is done. 

  • Keep a full record in words and pictures of everything your group has done related to the sponsorship agreement. This way you can ensure that both you and your sponsor are happy with the arrangement. 
  • Make sure someone in the club/society/project is responsible for checking off the details on the sponsorship agreement. 
  • Update your sponsor on how everything's going, this is a two-way relationship and communication is key. E-mail them photos of their sponsorship money in action and offer them invitations to events you are holding. They want to be a part of the process! The better a relationship you build with your sponsor the more likely it is they will continue sponsoring you in the future. 
  • In the event that you are unable to carry out part of the agreement speak to your sponsor and see if you can arrange an alternative – the worst thing you can do is ignore the problem 

Contact the Sports Manager if you have an issue with your sponsor that you feel cannot be resolved.