Incident Reporting
HUBS/University Premises
In the first instance a club committee member should make contact with a member of staff at the facility as they will have access to first aid facilities and be aware of the relevant incident procedures. You will be required to complete an incident report form available HERE and submit it to the Sports Manager, via email, within 24 hours of the incident taking place.
In the first instance a club committee member and qualified first aiders (if available) within the club should deal with the incident. Contact should made as soon as possible with a member of staff at the facility, ask them to make contact with the nearest first aider and if emergency services are required to contact them. You may be required to complete one of the facility's own accident report forms. You will be required to complete an incident report form available HERE and submit it to the Sports Manager, via email, within 24 hours of the incident taking place.
Serious Incidents
The following procedures should be adopted in the event of an incident that requires the use of the emergency services.
1. Contact the nearest first aider or official - who will treat or stabilise the casualty/casualties
2. Ensure the immediate safety of individuals, yourself and the group
3. Contact the emergency services by telephoning 999 or 112 and ask for the appropriate service (Police, Ambulance, Fire &         Rescue, Coastguard or Mountain Rescue)
4. Telephone the Sports Manager on 0114 225 3311/4111 (09:00-17:00 Mon-Fri)
5. Evening or weekend trips: please call SHU 24 hour security on 0114 225 2000 who will have a copy of your trip form and all         relevant details. Inform them that there has been a serious incident involving a student. 
The following information will be required:
  • Name of club involved
  • The telephone number you are calling from
  • Your name and where you are calling from
  • Whether a trip registration form has been completed
  • A brief description of the incident
  • The name(s) and number of students involved
  • The name of the hospital where any casualties have been taken
  • The name and number of any police officer involved with the incident
The member of SHU security staff will then make contact with the relevant manager who will implement the necessary action.
An official from the Students' Union or University will then phone you back and inform you what to do next.
Disclosure of Information
In the case of serious incidents or accidents, it is only correct that relatives are contacted by the Police or Students' Union Officials rather than the media. Unofficial statements to the media should also be avoided, as they may affect any legal proceedings. Therefore all club members must adhere to the following:

Liaise with emergency services as required. Give them the following information;

  • Full name(s) of the casualty(s) and any personal details
  • Next of kin details (on the trip form)
  • Name and telephone number of any University or Students' Union official that you have made contact with.
  • Under no circumstances should any participant on the trip make a statement to the media other than ‘no comment’. Do not discuss any aspect of the incident with anyone who is not directly connected with the emergency services or a member of Students' Union/University staff. 
Personal Injury Cover
Registered members of Sports Clubs at Sheffield Hallam Student's Union who have paid their membership subscription (Team Hallam or Recreation) are covered by basic personal injury cover through Ace Europe (brokered by Endsleigh Business Insurance Services).
Details of the level of cover can be viewed HERE (our level of cover is 'Essential'). to make a claim please download the claim form HERE, complete as much information as you are able and return it, with any supporting documentation, to The Sports Manager who will log it and submit the claim to Endsleigh. Endsleigh will confirm receipt of the claim form and will then pass it on to Ace Europe who will deal directly with the claimant from there on in. The Students' Union cannot influence the claim process and decisions about any support you may be entitled to are the sole preserve of Ace Europe.
Duty of Care 
Please see the Students' Union Duty of Care statement HERE.
Social Behaviour Policy
Please see the Students' Union's Social Behaviour Policy relating to Welcome Parties and other social events HERE.
First aid provision
Appropriate first aid cover will be provided by the Students' Union for BUCS fixtures and training sessions at SHU owned or partner facilities. This cover may be provided by suitably qualified on-site staff, BASRAT (The British Association of Sport Rehabilitators and Trainers) registered Sports Therapists or HCPC (Health and Care Professions Council) registered Physiotherapists or Paramedics depending on NGB/BUCS requirements.
For Sports activity which takes place away from SHU or partner owned facilities, such as a walking trip to Snowdonia, the Students' Union will work with the club's Safety and Training Officer to ensure that there is an appropriate number of qualified first aiders within the club. The Students' Union will support 50% of the cost of appropriate courses. All first aid course bookings, and associated financial support, are subject to the Sports Manager's approval.
Risk Assessment
General Risk Assessment
All standard Sports Club activity must be risk assessed by each club's Safety & Training Officer prior to sessions taking place at the start of each academic year. The purpose of the general risk assessment is to identify the hazards associated with the normal scope of your activity and propose control measures for ensuring sessions are as safe as is reasonably possible. Risk assessment is also a good way of highlighting where you feel your club needs additional equipment, training or support to make safety improvements.
Specific Risk Assessments
Leaders of trips, events or fixtures* that take place out of normal office hours (09:00-17:00 Mon-Fri term-time) at locations where immediate medical attention is not readily available are required to submit an event specific risk assessment to the Sports Club Programme Leader.*Standard BUCS league and cup fixtures are exempt from specific risk assessment.
Please see the risk assessment guidance document HERE and the risk assessment template HERE. If you have any questions regarding risk assessment or would like a training refresher please contact the Sports Club Programme Leader.