Development Fund

Sheffield Hallam Students' Union Sports Clubs are eligible to receive a 'Development Fund' grant each academic year to support participation and performance within their sport. The funds are to be used solely for the delivery or development of the sporting programme (e.g. equipment, transport, competition entry fees, and accommodation) and will only be allocated on receipt of a fully completed Development Fund request form, to be submitted to the Sports Club Programme Leader during Semester 2.


Completed Development Fund request forms will be reviewed by the Sports Manager and the Sports Club Programme Leader. Development Funds for each club will subsequently be approved and communicated to clubs no later than the last Friday in August.


Development Fund grants are allocated based on a combination of factors including; the number of registered members in the club during the preceding season, the development needs of the club, safety considerations, programme specific costs and committee engagement during the preceding season.


Allocated funds will be available to spend from the first Monday in September and must be spent by the last Friday in June. Unspent funds will be reabsorbed into the overall Sports budget and may be reallocated to other clubs after that date.