Meet the team and answer your questions!

Your Societies Staff

Activities Assistants
(General Enquries)
0114 225 4949

Bethany Howden
Activities Officer

0114 225 2006

Sue Jones + Helpdesk Assistants
Students' Union Helpdesk

(Room Bookings/Equipment)
0114 225 4111

Sally Carter
Societies Coordinator

0114 225 4949

Josh Clough
Activities Co-Ordinator

(Give It A Go/Trips/Events)
0114 225 4949

Dan Williams
Student Activities Manager

0114 225 4949

Your Societies Committee

Societies Committee are student society members themselves and are a key way for your views to be represented to the Students' Union. They ratify new societies, approve funding requests, decide on the Top of the Socs winners and provide a forum for SHSU staff to get feedback on potential developments and new ideas.

Claire Sawyers


Chris Franklin
Active & Performance Rep


Kushagra Shiromani
Academic and Vocational Rep

Sam Rodgers
Interests & Hobbies Rep


Florence Horspole
Media & Creative Rep

Kashmire Hawker
Political & Campaigning Rep

No elections are currently running



What is a Society? ↓

A Society at SHSU is a group of students that share a similar passion, interest or hobby. Societies provide a chance to meet similar students to you, and take part in the things you love. Joining a Society is also the perfect chance to try something new!

Where can I find a list of all societies? ↓

Visit our full list of Societies and click on any that take your interest where you can see information about them, their contact details, links to their social media and information on joining.

How do I join a Society? ↓

To join a Society, simply login to our website with your SHU login and choose which Society membership you wish to purchase. Click through to the checkout, where you can pay any membership fee and fill in your details. Even if the society doesn't charge a fee, you still need to 'purchase' a membership through the website - you just won't have to pay any money.

I joined a Society but haven't heard from them ↓

You should contact the Society to find out when they will next be meeting. Each Society should have contact details on their web pages.

I have concerns about how a society is being run ↓

If you have any concerns about one of the Students’ Union Societies, please contact a member of SHSU Staff directly using the above details.

I can't find the right society for me ↓

Why not set up your own Society! All you need is a great idea and ten interested students. If you have any questions, just contact us on the details above.