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COVID19: An update on running events

The rules around societies meeting up in person have changed to reflect current government guidelines. This means that from the 29th of March societies can meet outside in groups of either 6 people or 2 households. If your society plans to do this please familiarise yourself with this risk assessment and abide by the venue's guidance if the meeting is at an external venue. You should keep a record of who attended.

Please note: If any of these guidelines are not adhered to, the Union hold no responsibility for the event/activity in question. As government and University guidelines change, information will be release as this becomes available.

Committee Handbook and useful forms

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Emergency Procedures ↓

In the case of any emergencies, follow the below procedure:

1. Contact the nearest first aider or official who will treat or stabilise the casualty
2. Ensure the immediate safety of all members of your group
3. On campus: Call SHU 24 hour security on 0114 225 2000 and ask them to call the Emergency Services.
Off campus: Contact the Emergency Services by telephoning 999 or 112
4. In office hours inform the Students' Union of what's happening on 0114 225 4111, for evenings, weekends and holidays contact SHU 24 Hour Security on 0114 225 2000
5. Await further instruction and support from the Emergency Services, Students' Union and/or University. Do not comment to the press if approached, and keep all information off social media in case of sensitive incidents.
6. All accidents, incidents and near-misses must be reported to the Students' Union within 24 hours.

Health & Safety ↓

As a committee, you hold responsibility for ensuring the safety and wellbeing of your members. SHSU has a responsibility to ensure that you are adequately trained and aware of all relevant policies and procedures.


Risk Assessments

Risk assessments must be submitted for all events and trips that your Society offers. Risk assessments (and trip registration forms) must be submitted to activitiesadmin@shu.ac.uk within the following time frames: Single day trip or event - 3 working days' notice; Overnight trip in the UK - 5 working days' notice; Trip abroad - 10 working days' notice. Here is an example to get you started, if you need further support with risk assessments please email activitiesadmin@shu.ac.uk

First Aid

First aid training can be organised and subsidised by the Students' Union with priority for high risk groups. Members of these Societies will also need to be insured by personal accident cover. In the event of first aid being needed, you should alert staff at the venue where the accident occurred and following any emergency procedures where necessary.

Food Hygiene

If you wish to provide your own food at an event or fundraiser, you must complete and return a Food disclaimer to us. Your committee can be liable for any illness caused by food or drinks provided or sold at Society events. Please note that external catering is not permissible at SHSU - contact us to see what our catering staff can do for you!

Incidents or near misses

If there is an incident or near miss during a society activity/ trip/ event you need to let us know (whether it happened in The Hubs or not!). This is so that we can advise on insurance (if necessary), offer the relevant support and take steps to prevent it reoccurring. Please fill in this form and send it to activitiesadmin@shu.ac.uk

Log Your Hours ↓

Did you know that as a committee member, you are also a volunteer? Our friends at SHSU Volunteering have developed an awards system where all student volunteers can log their hours, skills and training sessions in order to be recognised for their hard work. All you need to do is set up a Volunteer Profile, and begin logging the hours you contribute to your society. If you're unsure on what counts, drop volunteering@shu.ac.uk a line.

Society Challenges ↓

Trips, Socials, Events and Room Bookings ↓

Room Bookings

Room bookings at The HUBS can now be requested and managed online. You will receive a login as part of your induction with SHSU staff. If you require any additional services, or are planning to host guest speakers, you will need to complete the necessary forms found on the Committee Resources tab above or speak to the Activities Coordinator. You can read the Freedom of Speech act here. It is the organiser's responsibility to ensure that members of any event are familiar with Sheffield Hallam Students' Union policies. Policies can be found here. If you wish to book a University room, please contact SHSU Helpdesk on 0114 225 4111 or hubshelpdesk@shu.ac.uk


For any trips (activities requiring travel outside of Sheffield), you must complete a risk assessment and a trip registration form. Risk assessments and trip forms must be submitted to activitiesadmin@shu.ac.uk within the following time frames: Single day trip or event - 3 working days' notice; Overnight trip in the UK - 5 working days' notice; Trip abroad - 10 working days' notice.
Large costs, including accommodation, should be requested through the Societies Team a minimum of 3 weeks in advance. Any trips or accommodation not booked through SHSU will cause the Society to be liable for costs and may lead to disciplinary action. Please refer to the finance section above for full details on financial and booking procedures.
If you want to organise a trip abroad for your society, it is strongly recommended that you go through a tour operator. This offers you some extra protection, and makes it significantly easier to plan! Why not have a look at our trips abroad guidelines for useful tips?


Most socials will require a risk assessment. Bar crawls are not encouraged, but if you really want to host one, you must inform the Societies Team to ensure it is carried out in an appropriate and safe manner. Initiations (where students are expected to perform a specific activity in order to gain entry, credibility or access to the Society) are not permitted under any circumstances. Any Society found to have organised an initiation will be subject to disciplinary action, as outlined in Bye Law 15 of the Articles of Governance. If you are unsure whether your proposed social might be classed as an initiation, just double check with the Activities Officer or a member of Societies Team.


All other events will require a risk assessment and where necessary a room booking request and/or guest speaker registration form. You will also need a film license if you are intending to screen a film - our staff can arrange this for you. Remember that for all trips, socials and events, you may be able to apply for funding from the Students' Union. Refer to the finance section above on how to do this. If you are selling any tickets, these can be organised through the Students' Union website to ensure easy access and simple financial procedures. All trips, events and socials can be planned with support from the Activities Coordinator. Many of our Staff members were on Society committees themselves as Students and can provide a host of experience, contacts and useful tips!

Give It A Go

Societies can offer free (or low cost) sessions that any student can attend as part of our Give It A Go programme. This is a perfect opportunity to showcase what your Society is about and reach out to potential new members. SHSU organises and promotes several society Give It A Go periods throughout the year. If your Society would like to take part, contact the Activities Coordinator or keep an eye out for emails from us!

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