What is the Leadership Programme?

The Students' Union Leadership Programme is an exciting opportunity that we are providing our student leaders within the Sheffield Hallam Students' Union.

As a student leader, you will be able to enhance your leadership and employability skills, develop your own personal brand, work more effectively in teams designed to be inclusive, and build a greater understanding of how you can make an impact in your present activities and future career.

This is a FREE training development opportunity.

For the year 2020/2021, the CORE programme sessions are structured as follows:

Session 1 – Leadership the Basics

Outline: This session will help anyone with leadership aspirations to build a foundation for the qualities and competencies needed to be successful. We will challenge some widely held assumptions about leadership, identify the qualities, skills and attributes of an effective leader and explore different leadership styles.

Session 2 – Leading an Effective Team

Outline: Leadership is about delivering results and achieving goals through the efforts of others. Ultimately, your team will decide how effective your leadership is. In this session we will learn how to coach and give feedback in a way that motivates and develops people. We will also discover how to guide your team to achieve high performance.

Session 3 – Principled Leadership

Outline: Principled leaders consistently adhere to a group of guiding ethics and values that they hold themselves accountable for. In the third and final session you will define your personal vision and values, to develop a unique leadership style that inspires confidence and respect from others.

Alongside the CORE Programme, we have additional 1-2-1 Leadership Coaching Sessions, bookable via the SU website.