Leadership Programme: Class of 2020

Still not sure if you should apply? Check out what the class of 2019/20 had to say about the Leadership Programme. 

Every year we hold an award ceremony for those who took part in the Leadership Programme to congratulate those that have really gone that extra mile! Find out what the winners of this year's awards had to say about taking part. 

2019-2020 Award Winners

Beth Sager - Rising Star Award Winner

“Before starting the Leadership Programme, I wanted to improve myself and my leadership style but was struggling to do so. Since starting the Leadership Programme, I have learnt more about myself and and my leadership style which has aided me in understanding how I can improve. Learning about myself and how to lead people in the programme has given me the confidence to go for positions like this [SU elections] which has further taught me that given the opportunity, I believe I can be a great leader.”


Charlotte Blundell - Diversity and Inclusion Award Winner & Developing Others Award Winner

 “I have been able to use my organisational and leadership skills to bring out the best in every team member. This has included creating shared Google files that anyone can type in during team meetings to enable the less confident English speakers in the group to be able to participate without fear of mispronouncing words. I have also been able to improve the grades of some of my peers by working with them on their presentation skills.”

"Helping others improve themselves and their skillset is something that gives me immense joy. Simply put, if I have knowledge in an area that someone doesn't, why not take the time to pass this knowledge on?

 “I have been able to build the business and management society up from the ground and double the participation in  the launch event from last year. The committee have really been motivated to organise new things and get fully        involved despite an incredibly hesitant start.

“I have also been involved in a project with the careers team, where I was an assistant project manager organising    workshops to improve the confidence of students studying education-related degrees. After the four workshops, all participating students have said that they feel they have increased confidence and an increased skills base.”


Christian Pepple - Diversity and Inclusion Award Winner & Developing Others Award Winner & Social Impact Award Winner

“I have given references to students for paid employment and volunteering in our communities. I have supported students with domestic violence and students to disputes, including students who have had issues with exam and assignment malpractices. I have also encouraged my members to take part in different classes, take advantage of support available and also to take part in elections.”

“Christian has consistently played the role of a mentor to old and new Nigerian students. He engages other stakeholders to ensure that university decisions are constantly favourable to the students. He assists Nigerian students in acclimatising to their new environment by giving information about cheap, affordable housing. He also personally delivers the food items to students in their homes. Christian Pepple is an astute and humble leader who deserves this award.

“As President of the Nigerian society, I have prioritised my members' development by providing them with information to leadership training opportunities, and increased their awareness of opportunities available to them through our group chat and one-to-one meeting after assessing their needs.”

“In the area of tourism, Chris and his team organised a trip to Switzerland for the Nigerian students in order to expose the students to other parts of Europe. In this present COVID-19 lockdown, Chris has been liaising with other university leaders to find ways of making the online teaching and learning easier for students. In addition to this, he created a food bank to support and meet the nutrition needs of students this period.

“Christian worked with the university and other organisations such as the British Navy and Royal Airforce to get Nigerian students in numbers to attend their events. Christian Pepple was the only executive that travelled with 20 students and their families to Switzerland, France and Germany, and was also part of the international food festival, SHU Feasts. Christian also organised free food essentials to students who were struggling during the coronavirus lockdown.”


Megan Ashford - Developing Others Award Winner and Rising Star Award Winner

“After assessing challenges facing Hallam Rowing with lack of a professional coach, I decided to utilise my coaching experience to take on the role. I became fully-qualified and created a thoroughly-researched training plan, with tailored options for each athlete’s goals ensuring that both competitive and social athletes would enjoy and be challenged. I accompanied two athletes to BUCS Talent ID camps, where I coached alongside GB staff, and we have now put forward more athletes. By advertising these achievements, I hope future athletes will feel confident applying. I’ve implemented this pathway into a long-term development plan I’ve also put together, to ensure future athletes don’t miss out on these opportunities and future committees have direction to follow when continuing building the club. My priority as coach was to provide competition opportunities.”

“When I began this programme, as elected Chairperson of Hallam Rowing, I came to the conclusion there were two problems I faced as a leader: delegating responsibility and confidence in my ability.

Throughout this year, I feel I’ve pushed myself above and beyond in both and have achieved amazing outcomes. Although I tend to only stay within my comfort zone of taking on projects I know how to plan and pull-off, I pushed myself to take on big projects including fundraisers and competitions, which I knew would motivate the club’s members but also challenge myself. In November, I organised a regional BUCS indoor rowing competition, with the help of my committee. From the start, I knew I wouldn’t be able to handle the workload alone, so began the process of allocating every task involved to an appropriate committee member.

“It was particularly hard to not doubt my coaching ability as I was younger and newer to coaching. However, I made sure to assure myself I was capable, with a qualification and years of experience, and made it a goal to reflect daily on my experience to learn and develop.”


Vrishti Vora - Social Impact Award Winner

“I think after what I have learnt and what I am still learning from this leadership program, I found it very important to create a space where people can share their feelings and support each other, especially during these difficult times due to COVID-19. I have tried through my blogs and an Instagram page to help motivate everyone around and spread positivity and social support as much as possible. I am looking forward to gradually create a group of such people who'll be willing to create such a social impact and try and make this a better place to live in. My Instagram handle is @aleatoire_blogs This is my small initiative to make a difference.”


 Lizzie Gould - Social Impact Award Winner

“This year, I have been the Project Leader of Monday Club, a social club for autistic adults, Welfare Officer for Mindfulness in Schools, a project where we attend a school and deliver mindfulness sessions to a group of girls, a Course Rep, Student Ambassador and a Student Researcher. I have found each opportunity rewarding in its own way.

“I developed real bonds with not only the attendants, but also the rest of the volunteer team, and we used initiative to develop new activities and ways to keep the sessions fulfilling and rewarding for everyone involved. It allowed me to express ideas and leadership in a way that I never expected through the university, making it clear to me that leadership in a positive social impact role is something I hope to capture in my future career.”