Arts and Culture

Our programme works with fantastic arts and cultural organisations throughout the city to create a platform for Sheffield Hallam students to gain experience, skills and contacts in this exciting and diverse sector. The programme is open to all students who want to be actively involved in arts & culture (whether that be the focus of your studies or an additional interest).

Check out information on the different strands of our programme via the links below.

Lastest News!

  • Platform 17 is open this week at the Cadman Rm at the Millennium Galleries. An exhibition by Hallam students on the theme of movement. The exhibition runs until the morning of Saturday 1st April.


  • Set Phasers to stun-ning! A series of workshops are running during March to design sci-fi costumes for wheelchair users. The project is organised by SHU graduate Eleanor Rand who was successful in bidding for our Emerge funding earlier this year. The Sessions are Weds 15th and 22nd of March 6-9pm and Mondays the 20th and 27th of March at Highfield Trinity Church, London Road. To find out more email:


  • Artist, musician, performer? We're looking for 1st or 2nd year students (aged 16-25) interested in developing and turning their art into an Award recognised by the Arts Council - see Arts Award below.


  • Looking to volunteer? See our team projects via the Volunteer in the Arts link below or check-out what our Community Partners have to offer under the Volunteering pages - Community Partners. Search 'arts & culture'.