Society and Volunteering Committee Training

Society and Volunteering Committee Training

DATE: Friday 20 September 2019

TIME: 1pm - 5pm

LOCATION: Cantor Building

We will train you on everything you need to know to be a great committee member for your Society or Volunteer Project. Sessions will include your essential role specific training, planning an event/ session and promoting your society. There will also be a chance for you to ask questions and network with other committee members. 

If you're a committee member for any SHSU Society or SHSU Student Led Volunteer Project you need to be there. Even if you've been to our training before, you still need to be there! Come brush up on your skills and learn about the changes we've made for 2019/2020.

You'll learn lots that will help you in your role.
You'll learn lots that will help you outside of your role.
It'll be fun and interesting. 
You will meet loads of other people who can help you throughout the year.
It's mandatory.
There might be snacks.


Sign up via eventbrite- https://www.eventbrite.com/e/society-and-volunteering-committee-training-day-tickets-68996066091