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The Candidate Hub is your one-stop shop for everything you need to know through the Elections process, including resources to help you build a platform, design your campaign, and write your manifesto.

  • Key dates

    Nomination deadline: 21 April

    Candidate training: 25 & 26 April

    Manifesto deadline: 28 April @ 1PM

    Voting begins: 4 May

    Voting week ends: 6 May

    Results announcement: 6 May

  • Checklist

    What you need to do before voting week.


    Submit your nomination (Deadline: 21 April)
    Submit your candidate manifesto (Deadline: 28 April)
    Sign a copy of the rules and regulations

    Optional (but strongly encouraged)

    Submit your candidate photo
    Attend a Candidate briefing
    Plan your campaign spending (each candidate may spend & claim back up to £25 of spending)


The following resources will help you to build your campaign.

Candidate Briefings

Candidate briefing sessions will provide candidates with vital information regarding elections rules and regulations, and most importantly, running a successful elections campaign! We will be sharing some of our top tips on building a successful elections campaign and getting your message out there.

Candidate Briefing
25th April
Microsoft Teams
Training Session for Elections candidates.
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If you have any questions regarding your campaign, please get in touch with our Democracy Team at hallamelections@shu.ac.uk.