Course Content

Welcome to the 2018/19 Leadership Development Programme 



  • 1. Learn a wide range of leadership tools and techniques; and an awareness of when to use them successfully to achieve your leadership goals

  • 2. Learn how to work effectively with others to achieve high performance from individuals and your teams

  • 3. Develop your leadership skills, confidence and motivation by learning from your own experiences

  • 4. Learn to use reflective practice to evaluate and continuously improve your own leadership development

Session 1. Introduction to Leadership (4 hours) 4-8pm:

This session will help prepare anyone with leadership aspirations to build a foundation for the qualities and competencies needed to be successful. As well as introducing the practicalities of the SHSU Leadership Programme, we will use group work and activities to explore what it takes to be a great leader, challenge some widely held assumptions and explore different leadership styles.

Session 2. Leadership; Developing people and Leading a Team (2 ½ hours)

2.30-5pm In this session we will practice using coaching skills and learn how to give feedback in a way that motivates others to achieve their potential. We will also look at different team roles and what our individual strengths are in a team, as well as play some fun games that demonstrate the leaders role in guiding a team to achieve high performance.

Session 3. Leadership; Interpersonal Savvy and Being Inclusive (2 ½ hours)

2.30-5pm Working with people who have poor interpersonal skills can be frustrating and stressful. In this afternoon session we will explore a variety of different ‘people types’ and discover how to cooperate effectively with people who are different from us. We will explore our attitudes towards equality and diversity and examine the leaders role in developing a healthy and inclusive group culture.

Session 4. Leadership; Confidence, Assertiveness and Resilience (2 ½ hours) 2.30-5pm

Confident leaders inspire confidence in others and gaining this confidence is one of the key ways you can become successful. In the fourth Leadership session we will identify practical ways to build self-esteem and recognise our strengths. We will also practice assertive communication techniques and learn how to stay motivated and enthusiastic when our confidence takes a knock.

Session 5. Leadership; Influencing & Decision making &; Reflections and Feedback (4 hours) 4-8pm

The first part of our final session will focus on developing techniques that positively influence the people you depend on for leadership success, followed by some fun activities that develop good decision-making skills. In the second half of the session you will be asked to share your reflections on what you have learned about yourself and evaluate how the entire programme has impacted on your leadership development. You will create your personal leadership development action plan to take away with you.