Things to Do This Week if You're Not into Varsity


By Jess Brown

Disclaimer: I personally don’t really vibe well with sports, I just don’t have that competitive trait in me. In fact even when playing Monopoly, whilst everyone around me is scheming and fighting what I like to do is assume I’ve already lost, buy any random places I land on and then sell everything I have at the end, claim I’m moving away from Monopoly town to my own private island and throw all my money into free parking as a cash prize. Yes, my friends hate me when we play monopoly. Iit’s been varsity at the University this past week and the week upcoming, with the final big ice hockey event happening on the 27th so of course you will have been hearing a lot of sports related news and chants around the university which is cool if you’re into that. Team Hallam and Team Uni of are heating up their friendly rivalry but if that, and sports in general aren’t your thing, that’s also cool! Here are some fun events you can get involved with that are separate from varsity.

  • The Big Pub Quiz is held every Monday at Hideout in HUBS with bar tab prizes to be won every week! It starts from around 8:30pm but they recommend you get down there for 7pm as it can get quite busy due to its popularity.
  • Sheffield Hallam Students' Union holds Give it a Go events so people can try free things like Zumba! Zumba’s always fun right? At  the HUBS on the 26th just before the screening of Baby Driver which we will get to in a second, you can attend this session. So if you’re into the physical aspect of sports but not the competition this one may be for you!
  • Through Give it a Go there’s also screening of the excellent Edgar Wright film, Baby Driver at the HUBS just after Zumba. It’s a fun film with intense action and driving sequences alongside Wright’s trademark witty style and script.
  • It’s actually after Varsity but on the 28th, there’ll be an Open Mic Night at Hideout in the HUBS. So if you want to flex your creative muscles or even support local acts and your fellow students in music poetry, comedy and more then head down there for 7pm.

You can find a full list of events going around the Students' Union here incase none of those pique your interest but it’s also okay if you just want to stay in and chill out or do none of these. There should be no pressure on you to do anything you don’t want to and the general spirit of varsity is all about embracing what you love, be that a sport or just chilling out. That being said, we're all still cheering on Team Hallam and hoping they can do it this year!



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