Why Become a Students' Union Officer?

You might not have thought of getting a graduate job in your Students' Union. We think it's one of the most challenging, interesting and exciting roles out there. Not convinced? Read on to find out more...

What's a Students' Union Officer?

Sheffield Hallam Students' Union is a student-led democratic organisation that represents, supports and provides opportunities to its members: all Hallam students. We're led by a team of Officers who are democratically elected Hallam students. Elections take place every March, and these elections decide who will run the Students' Union for the following academic year. Officers are paid, full-time staff, and they play a crucial role in ensuring that the Students' Union is able to fulfil its role of improving the lives of students at Sheffield Hallam. 

There are loads of reasons why you might want to consider running to be an Officer. Here are three:

Because you're a leader.

Students' Union Officers are leaders of the Students’ Union in a very real way. As an Officer, you'd be a trustee of the Union to ensure it’s working in the interests of Hallam students, and you would make real decisions that can influence the whole direction of the organisation. In most placements and grad jobs, you start at the bottom: not as an SU Officer. You start right at the top. This is a truly unique opportunity.

Because you know what matters to students.

You understand students, and you know what needs to change to make the Hallam experience better. Being a Students' Union Officer is the most effective way to make change on campus. Our Officers meet regularly with senior University staff, including the three College Officers who attend key meetings within the three Colleges. Got ideas that would make Hallam better for students? This is the role for you.

Because you want a life-changing experience.

A year as an Officer is one of the best things you could do for your CV. Officers have a lot of freedom around what they focus on, but you can expect to gain experience in:

Project Management

Strategic Planning


People Management

Event Management

Chairing Meetings

Governance and Policy




Public Speaking

Managing Budgets

...and more!

You’ll benefit from extensive training, networking opportunities with university leadership, politicians, and business leaders, and support from Union staff. Your opportunities after this are practically limitless. Previous Students' Union Officers have gone on to have amazing careers in business, charity, politics, or education – or pretty much anything else you set your mind to.

Can I become an Officer?

Although people often think of Officer positions as something people do after finishing university, any student is eligible to become an Officer.  Some students take a year out of their studies to take up Office (although it's always a good idea to check with your Course about this first). The elections are also all over by mid-March – so if you're not elected, there's still plenty of time to apply for other roles.