Your President, Andrew Adegbola and BTE College Officer, Praise Ishola are proud to present the BAME Mentoring and Ambassador Scheme

What is it?

Sheffield Hallam University has a diverse student body, including Black, African, Asian, Arabic and other minority ethnic students. We use the term BAME to refer to students that are of, but not excluded to, Asian, Arabic, Chinese or African and/or Caribbean descent. The BAME Mentoring and Ambassador scheme is an opportunity for students, staff and alumni of Sheffield Hallam from the BAME community to support and represent BAME students. 

What is a mentor?

The BAME mentoring scheme will help to support students from Black, African, Asian and minority ethnic groups to achieve academic success and to help with their development. This scheme will provide an opportunity for experienced and knowledgeable BAME students, staff and alumni who have experience of living, studying or working in the UK to support and guide less experienced or less knowledgeable students from a BAME background. The scheme will involve learning and development meetings between the mentor and mentee, and proposes mentoring opportunities for students, typically from Black, African, Asian and other minority ethnic groups, as they negotiate the transition from study to work and navigate from other countries to the UK for study. We anticipate that those who join this group will have an interest in 'people building' and student engagement, and will benefit from the existing expertise within the group.

What is the criteria for applying for this role?

To be eligible to join the scheme you must be:

  • Current BAME student level 5 - 8 studying at Sheffield Hallam
  • Alumni
  • Staff members at Sheffield Hallam 

What is an ambassador?

BAME ambassadors will be an experienced group of BAME students who would support students of colour to represent themselves and work on the issues that affect them. BAME ambassadors can also be BAME mentors and will be the voice of students of colour at Hallam. Within this role, ambassadors will have the opportunity to run exciting BAME-focused events and campaigns on anti-racism, diversifying and decolonising the curriculum, Black History, Black Lives Matter, Islamophobia awareness, harassment and discrimination, BAME mental health and more, as well as addressing the issues that BAME students face while studying at Sheffield Hallam.

What is the criteria for applying for this role?

To be eligible to join the scheme you must be:

  • A BAME student currently studying at Sheffield Hallam, including international students

If you are interested in either of these roles, please click the button below to sign up!