The Students' Union is a democratic organisation. Each year the leaders of the Students' Union, the Student officer Team, are elected in the campus wide Students' Union Elections. The Student Officer Team are also supported by 12 elected part time Students' Union Reps.

At the heart of the Students' Union is the Union Council. The Union Council, the highest decision making body within the Students' Union,  is made up of 29 students including the Student Officers and Student' Union Reps. All students can feed into the Union Council via the open Union Council zones; Your Education Zone, Your Community Zone and Your Students' Union Zone.

Any student can submit a motion to Union Council, which will be discussed and voted upon to see whether or not it should be passed. You can submit any policy to the Students' Union President -


Sheffield Hallam Students' Union is affiliated to the National Union of Students (NUS), one of the largest democratic organisations in Europe with 5.2 million members. NUS has a large responsibility for representation, campaigning and supporting Students' Unions.

NUS is run by 27 national Student Officers, the majority of which, including the NUS President and Five Vice Presidents, are elected at the Annual NUS Conference. The Annual Conference is the biggest event on the NUS calendar and is attended by hundreds of students, besides electing the national Student Officers the Annual Conference also passes policy on what the NUS should be campaigning on and so shapes its priorities.

Each year Sheffield Hallam Students' Union sends a cohort of elected students to represent the organisation as NUS Delegates. Any Sheffield Hallam student can nominate themselves for this unique opportunity. You don’t need any prior experience or knowledge of the NUS, the Students' Union will help you with everything you need to know. Contact for more information about becoming an NUS Delegate.